Saturday, August 6, 2011

day 42

i've said it before, but i must say it is pretty damn good.
once again, i had an amazing day.
my friends and i took the kids up to the dam. the kids had so much fun. and momma had so much fun watching them. my heart was full. i'm enjoying spending time with them...and i got to before school starts in only 2 weeks...yikes, where did summer go?
today was something so fun and easy to do and free...made me think of you (go figure huh? everything has a way of turning my thoughts to you) it was something you would've suggested to do with the kids. and they absolutely loved it. they even want to go again i think we will.

i didnt' hear from you today. which is ok. i don't expect to, nor do i really want to get in the habit of talking to you every day...but still it's a little hard. especially when the kids go to bed and i'm left alone to get inside of my own head. i assume you are with a girl...which i guess is ok. it's a weird feeling, hard for me to explain.
part of me is jealous. another part of me is sad. another part is (and i'm being honest and sincere) happy for you. another part is just curious. like i said, it's a weird feeling.

my gf and i were talking and we decided nights are the hardest time. that's when our minds turn to you. everything slows down at night time. kids are in bed. and it's just the time that we are used to spending with "you".

hope your weekend is spectacular!

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