Monday, August 1, 2011

day 38 bueno.


i want yesterday back. i want to sit and laugh with you over nothing and everything. i want another water fight. i want smart ass remarks exchanged. hell, i'll even take falling out of a moving golf cart again.
and the worst part is...i want to lay in your arms tonight. i want closeness. i want to cuddle. i want to taste your lips. i want to feel your touch.

but even as i dream of this...i know reality. i remember how it was.
you were great. you were fun..but i always wanted more. more affection. more intimacy. i want someone who adores me. who just can't keep his hands off me.
yep, that's what i really want.
i'm really trying to push you from my mind...and it is slightly working, if only yesterday hadn't happened.

but i'm glad it did

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