Sunday, July 31, 2011

day 37

super fun.
those are just a few words to describe the kind of day that today was...thanks to you!

i have never had so much fun with you. never ever. and we've shared some really good times!
today you saw trichelle. the real trichelle. the trichelle that you have asked to see before. the girl that you'd get glimpses of, but they were only glimpses, shortlived moments.
it felt so good. so good to just be myself. to good to not worry about what you'd think.
and because of that, i had the very best time. i laughed so hard all day long. i had so much fun. golf was relaxing and enjoyable...and not to mention, i kicked some major ass. finally getting the hang of it.
we both had smiles all day long. only kind words were spoke. laughter spilled out every few seconds.
you showed affection. something i'm not used to with you. but you kept touching my leg and i loved it. but i didn't get my hopes up for something to spark between us. it was just fun being friends out there sharing laughter and having fun. although, you did call me babe one time and i know it just slipped your lips without much thought, more out of habit. i pretended not to notice but i did. but again, it was fine. it made me smile. i think you were a little embarrassed, which i think is funny.
thank you! thank you for taking me to have such a super fun day with you. thank you for letting me be me. thank you for it all. but most of all, thank you for the friendship!

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