Friday, July 15, 2011

day 21

thank you for so many things. first off, thank you for picking me up this morning and taking me to the train.
thank you for stopping at my work and giving me gas money.
thank you for just shooting the shit with me on the phone.
but most of all, thank you for saying that small phrase.
those 2 words mean more to me than anything else right.
to hear you apologize to me, and not only to me but to my kids too, and get choked up added to the sense of peace i've been feeling. those 2 words allowed me to let go of the rest of the hurt and frustration i've been holding.

the last 2 days have been so nice. to talk to you as if nothing happened...well, to talk to you as a friend, like last summer when we built our friendship.
i do believe tj that we can be friends.
we make good friends too i think. i care about you and i know you care about me.
we want the best for each other. maybe that is presumptuous of me, but i feel safe in saying it.

you are a good person, and you proved that once again to me tonight. i know (better than anyone) that we all make mistakes. i've made far more mistakes in our relationship than you did and we both know that. you were patient and forgiving with me every time.

my heart is so happy right now. i just wanna sing and dance. and you know what, i'm going to!

thank you again, and i'm hoping that we can continue to talk and be friends.

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