Tuesday, July 12, 2011

day 18

not much to say today. can you believe it?
my friend wrote me a mantra. something i'm going to focus on each day.
thought i'd share it with you.

I love me... I am a good person, and I deserve the the best of everything in this world!!
I let go of EVERYONE elses judgements of me... thats their business... not mine....they're walking their path, and I'm walking mine my way.... I completely love and accept myself...
just the way I am... I am perfect!
I'm so thankful for the trials of my past for they have taught me many things...
I've come so far... I now choose all my life lessons come in ease and grace....
I give myself permission to be healthy happy and whole!....
I love me... I love my life... and life loves me!
All good things come to me now....It's my birthright!

isn't it beautiful? i love it. just reading it makes me smile. it gives me hope and direction.

also, thought you might like to know. i'm finishing my course at scientology.
thank you for getting that for me. it's been so helpful and i've decided that it's time i finish it.
i'm starting over from the beginning. reminding myself of everything.

the only way for things happen is to start taking charge,
so that's what i'm doing. i'm taking my first steps. yay for me!

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