Friday, July 22, 2011

day 28

missed an entire week almost.
maybe that's a good sign.
yes, it is a good sign. i've been so busy after work having fun. life is good.
i still miss you...but it feels really good to just be me. to find out who i am and where i want to go.
i'm glad that you are talking to me. i'm glad that we are friends.
it's crazy for me to think that only 28 days ago it hurt so bad. the pain was unbearable at times. that my heart was crushed and i felt such despair. and now, now we are friends. less than one month later! thank you!

i really can't believe how good life feels. it is far from perfect. i am far from being that girl that i want to be. but, i'm making my way. i've made mistakes, mistakes that i shouldn't have made. mistakes that could've completely set me back, but you know what? i'm not going to let them. i make mistakes but then i realize that i can just figure out why i did it and then work on changing that attitude so that i avoid making it again.

oh how sweet life is when you take time to smell the roses. thank you for teaching me that. and thank you for forcing me to stand on my own two feet. i needed it.

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