Sunday, July 17, 2011

day 23

i had my first date, since you, yesterday. i was terribly nervous and even considered canceling after speaking to you. i don't know why exactly, i know that we can not go back. i know that if it wasn't there before, it won't just magically appear now.
but, i'm so glad i didn't cancel. i had so much fun. probably the best date, definitely the best first date i've ever had.
when he had asked if i'd like to go spend the weekend with him i told him this weekend wouldn't be the best because i didn't have much money and the way he was talking it was going to be rather spendy. he just laughed at me and told me not to worry about a thing.
as we drove to park city, i had to idea where we would stay and what exactly we would do...but i figured it didn't matter. i was determined to have a good time. we ended up staying at the only 5 star hotel/resort in utah. impressive no? it was fun to be pampered and waited on hand and foot. a lifestyle i could easily get used to. right?! we ended up doing absolutely nothing the first day. we walked around the resort, listened to music, and sat out in the beautiful mountains. it was the funnest night though. we drank wine, i took a bubble bath, and then we just laughed all night.
he was very respectful. never tried anything. i was relieved, you know i couldn't have gone through with anything. i am no longer that girl. i've tried to be (sounds insane i know) but i'm just not her anymore. thank god. anyways, i had a great time.
i felt awkward having him pay for everything, especially when i was sitting there doing the math the entire time in my head, but he just wouldn't let me help at all. kinda reminded me of you.
i laughed the entire time. oh how good that felt. i didn't worry about anything or offending him or upsetting him and i was able to just be me. it's been so long since i've been able to just be trichelle.
i like who i am. i've realized some things, things that i didn't much care for and have changed and am still working on changing them, but i've also realized things that i really do like about myself. this weekend i was the person that i am proud to be. and after thoroughly enjoying myself, i'm not scared to be her anymore.

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