Tuesday, July 26, 2011

day 32

i know i asked you (or this computer) for friendship.
the universe heard, and you responded.
we are friends now...but sometimes i wish we weren't.
sometimes it's so hard not to call you babe or love. sometimes it's hard not to say i miss you. sometimes it's hard to not demand that you get your cute lil bum over here. sometimes it's hard to hear you talk about all your plans, and they don't include me.
sometimes it's just hard...but all in all, i really wouldn't have it any other way.
i'm so glad that you call me so often. i'm glad to hear about your day, whether it's your work day or your golf day.
i'm happy that we can be friends. i really am.
there are just those times, when i don't hear from you that make me realize that i really do miss you. that if you'd just have not contacted me again then it wouldn't be hard right now.
o-well, i'll take. it's the good kind of hard i guess.

ps: i miss you

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