Thursday, July 7, 2011

day 13

i love how each day gets easier and easier. god is good. he is helping me through this.
i'm realizing all the valuable lessons you taught me. but i'm able to let go a little more each day. today my friend told me to let go of the hope of you and i returning to each other. it was hard to hear that. hope is what has gotten me this far. but i know in my heart she is right. it did get me to this point, but now it will only hold me back.
i am glad that i met you. i seriously didn't believe that guys like you existed. guys that want to take care of a girl. guys that money doesn't really mean anything to and they like to spend it on others. guys that want their girl to do everything with them. guys that are persistent. guys that will actually talk on the phone and not just text. guys that want more than just a sexual relationship.
you have showed me that it really does exist...not just in the movies.
now i know what i want in a guy. what i can expect and what i do deserve.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY DREAMS A REALITY. i really didn't know those qualities existed. and now i know that i can look for them. you aren't one of a kind...that sounds harsh. you are one of a kind. but if you possess those qualities, others do too.
i don't want you to think i'm out there looking for that guy right now...right away. i'm not. i don't even really want to. i just want to sit back and relax for a bit.
take time to breath. time to take care of myself. to do things that i want to. that's what i am most excited for. finding myself. what i like to do.
cheers to the beginning of a beautiful journey.

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